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Ocala Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Residents of nursing homes in Florida have 21 rights as per Florida Statutes

Types of Wrongful Death Damages in FloridaAccording to statistics from the Florida Health Care Association, there are more than 680 licensed nursing homes in Florida, and more than 3,000 assisted living facilities. The estimated number of residents at Florida’s nursing homes is 73,000.

Many nursing homes do their job well and provide exceptional care. But some do not. When a facility doesn’t provide appropriate care, or when the negligent acts of nursing home staff cause injury or harm of any kind to a nursing home resident, it may be a sign of nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse. Meeting with the Ocala nursing home neglect attorneys at the Rothenburg Law Firm can help you protect your loved one’s rights.

Know Your Florida Nursing Home Rights

Florida Statute 400.022 gives residents of all of the state’s nursing home facilities the following 21 rights:

  • The right to civil and religious liberties, including The right to make an independent personal decision.
  • The right to private and uncensored communication, including phone access, access during visiting hours and overnight visitation outside the facility in accordance with facility policies and physician orders.
  • The right to present grievances on behalf of the resident or others to the staff or administrator of the facility.
  • The right to organize and participate in resident groups within the facility.
  • The right to participate in social, religious and community activities.
  • The right to examine the results of the most recent federal or state facility inspection.
  • The right to manage his or her financial affairs or to delegate that responsibility to the licensee.
  • The right to be fully informed of services available and charges at the time of admission or during a resident’s stay.
  • The right to be adequately informed of their medical condition and proposed treatment.
  • The right to challenge a decision to discharge or transfer a patient (in a Medicaid or Medicare-certified facility).
  • The right to be informed of the bed reservation policy for a hospitalization.
  • The right to refuse medication or treatment and to be informed of the consequences of that decision.
  • The right to receive adequate and appropriate health care, protective and support services.
  • The right to privacy during treatment and personal care.
  • The right to be treated courteously, fairly and with the fullest measure of dignity.
  • The right to be free from mental and physical abuse.
  • The right to be transferred or discharged only for medical reasons or for the welfare of other residents.
  • The right to freedom of choice in selecting a personal physician.
  • The right to retain and use personal clothing and possessions as space permits.
  • The right to have copies of the facility’s rules and regulations.
  • The right to receive notice before the room of the resident in the facility is changed.

When to Call a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Types of Wrongful Death Damages in FloridaIf your loved one lives in a nursing home and has had their rights abused or ignored, call a nursing home neglect attorney immediately. Florida has a two-year statute of limitations on nursing home abuse and neglect cases, which can be two years from the time of the alleged abuse or two years form the time the abuse or neglect was made apparent to the resident or family.

The Ocala nursing home neglect lawyers at the Rothenburg Law Firm are experienced in nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse cases. Attorney Steve Rothenburg and his staff will help you fight for your loved one’s rights.

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