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The Case of the Doctor Who Cut the Wrong Leg Off is One of Many Famous Medical Malpractice Cases Tried by Ocala Wrong-Site Surgery Attorney Steve Rothenburg and the Rothenburg Law Firm

More than 700,000 people in the United States each year undergo a total knee replacement surgery. They’re fairly common procedures. But what happens if you expect to have surgery on your achy right knee, and when you wake up, you find out that the surgeon actually replaced your perfectly healthy left knee by accident? It’s frightening. It’s concerning. But unfortunately, mistakes happen.

In the medical community, wrong-site surgeries are considered “never events,” and surgeons and operating room teams are expected to take many steps to ensure wrong-site surgeries don’t occur.

According to an ABC Action News (Tampa Bay) report, more than 400 Florida doctors were disciplined for performing wrong-site surgeries between 2004 and 2015.

And a 2011 report from the Joint Commission estimated that wrong-site surgeries happen about 40 times a week nationwide.

Wrong-site Surgery is Medical Malpractice in Florida

OCALA WRONG SITE SURGERY ATTORNEYMake no mistake, if you’ve had surgery on the wrong body part – whether it’s an eye, an ear, a leg, a knee, a hip, a hand, a foot, a kidney surgery or any other type of procedure – it’s considered medical malpractice in Florida.

That means you have the right to recover damages due to this regrettable and serious surgical mistake. This can include receiving compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, or recovering the costs of physical, occupational or speech therapy.

The same is true for any type of surgical error that is caused by the negligence of a surgeon or the operating room staff.

This can include errors like having an organ perforated by accident during surgery, suffering nerve damage as the result of a surgery, or discovering that a surgical sponge or other equipment was left inside the body after an operation.

Expertise in Florida Wrong-Site Surgery Cases

Wrong-site Surgery is Medical Malpractice in FloridaThe Ocala wrong-site surgery attorneys at the Rothenburg Law Firm specialize in wrong-site surgery and surgical error cases. Among the famous medical malpractice cases tried by attorney Steve Rothenburg was the case of “The Doctor Who Cut the Wrong Leg Off,” which involved a Tampa surgeon who accidentally amputated the wrong leg off his patient.

As a former medical prosecutor with what is now the Florida Department of Health, Steve Rothenburg knows how the medical field works. He knows the law. He knows the experts. He works with the best available experts in medicine and medical rehabilitation.

The Rothenburg Law Firm accepts only a select number of medical malpractice cases.

This allows us to dedicate the time needed to get the best outcome for you.

We get to know our clients personally.

We encourage you to ask questions, so we can keep you updated at every step of the litigation process.,br>In a wrong-site surgery case, there should be no surprises.

We work on a contingency fee basis; therefore, there is no cost to you for attorneys’ fees or costs if we are unsuccessful.

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