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Prescription Error Attorney

A total of 1.3 million people are injured by prescription errors each year

A Mayo Clinic study shows that 7 out of 10 Americans take at least one prescription drug. Sometimes we need prescription medications for daily maintenance, so we can keep our cholesterol or blood sugar levels in check. Other times we need prescription drugs to fight an infection. And sometimes we need multiple prescription drugs to help address multiple health concerns. When medication errors occur, the pill that’s supposed to be doing good may instead do you harm. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 1.3 million people are injured by medication errors each year in the United States. If you, a family member, a friend or a loved one suffers serious injuries from a medication error, you have a right to receive compensation.

Types of Prescription Errors in Florida

Types of Prescription Errors in FloridaMedication errors in Florida can take multiple forms. They include:

  • A doctor prescribing you the wrong medication
  • A nurse giving you the wrong medication
  • Receiving the incorrect dosage (too much or too little) of a medication
  • A failure to reasonably anticipate side effects or complications from your medication
  • Dangerous or defective drugs (medications that are manufactured incorrectly or that become tainted at any point from the manufacturer to the pharmacy)
  • Illegible prescriptions
  • Faulty equipment (which can include IV pumps and other devices designed to administer medication)

When to Call a Prescription Error Attorney

When to Call a Prescription Error AttorneyIn Florida, the statute of limitations for prescription errors and other medical malpractice cases is two years. So, if you are harmed by a medication error in June 2018, you have only until June 2020 to file a lawsuit.

In such a case, you’ll need to gather evidence to prove that a mistake was made (or that equipment malfunctioned), and that the mistake or malfunction caused your injury.

The Ocala prescription error attorneys at the Rothenburg Law Firm have 25 years of experience in medical malpractice and medication error cases in Florida. Whether you live in Gainesville, Leesburg, Ocala, the Villages, Huntington, Silver Springs, Fort McCoy, Dunnellon, York, Inverness, Rutland, Reddick, Anthony, Zuber, Fellowship, Belleview or Marion Oaks, attorney Steve Rothenburg and his staff will use their decades of legal experience in Florida courts to represent you. Steve Rothenburg spent five years as a medical prosecutor for what is now the Florida Department of Health, and he knows how to find the right experts to help you defend your case.


With every prescription error we take, the Rothenburg Law Firm goes the extra mile. We make sure our clients understand the complex legal process from beginning to end so there are no surprises.

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At the Rothenburg Law Firm, we take pride in guiding our clients through every step of the legal process.

We’ve handled complex litigation for cases that involve multiple parties, a large number of witnesses, a substantial amount of evidence, and numerous experts. We’ve handled famous medical malpractice cases that have made headlines. We know how to navigate the complex legal landscape, where to find the right experts, and how to fight for your rights. No matter how complex your case, we’ll keep you informed, answer your questions, and allow you the time you need to recover from your injuries.