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Ocala Childbirth Error Attorney

In 2016, more than 225,000 babies were born throughout the state of Florida

In 2016, more than 225,000 babies were born throughout the state of Florida, including more than 2,400 in Marion County and nearly 1,300 in Ocala alone. The birth of a child is joyous for most. It’s also a time when doctors, nurses and other medical professionals must practice with the utmost integrity.

When a child or mother suffers a serious injury or debilitating health condition as the result of a birth, it can be devastating. If that injury is due to a medical professional’s negligence or carelessness, you have the right to seek compensation.

Examples of Childbirth Errors in Florida

Childbirth errors in Florida may include:

  • A failure to anticipate complications for delivery of a larger baby (over 8 pounds, 13 ounces).
  • A loss of oxygen due to a tangled umbilical cord.
  • A failure to recognize that a baby is starved for oxygen in the fetus (called fetal distress).
  • A failure to recognize a mother’s health condition during pregnancy that could affect the birth (such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes).
  • A failure to order a Caesarean section when one was needed (such as when the mother suffers cephalopelvic disproportion, which means the size and shape of the mother’s pelvis is not conducive to a vaginal birth).
  • Incompetence on the part of a doctor or medical professional, which could include careless use of forceps or a vacuum extractor.

Childbirth errors can cause serious injury

Childbirth errors can cause serious injuryIf a mother or baby experiences any of the above errors during childbirth, it can lead to serious birth injuries, deformities, and sadly, even death. For example, improper use of forceps could lead to facial paralysis or other serious nerve damage in the baby. A failure to recognize preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy) in the mother could lead to a debilitating seizure during childbirth.

When childbirth errors are the result of negligence of carelessness on the part of a medical professional, it’s a type of medical malpractice. Florida law allows you a two years statute of limitations from the date of the error to seek damages caused by childbirth errors.

When to Call an Ocala Childbirth Error Attorney

When to Call an Ocala Childbirth Error AttorneyMedical malpractice cases such as childbirth error cases can be complex. You’ll want to seek a medical malpractice lawyer who knows the health care system, knows the experts, and understands how complex litigation works in Florida.

The Ocala childbirth error attorneys at the Rothenburg Law Firm work with the best available experts in the field of medicine and medical rehabilitation. Attorney Steve Rothenburg uses his 25-plus years of legal experience in Florida courts and administrative agencies to represent moms and babies who have been harmed by childbirth negligence

The Rothenburg Law Firm represents clients from Belleview, York, Fellowship, Dunnellon, Fort McCoy, Ocala, Huntington, Silver Springs, Leesburg, Marion Oakes, Gainesville, York, Zuber, Reddick, Anthony, the Villages, Inverness, Rutland and other communities throughout North Central Florida.

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