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Meet Steve Rothenburg

A medical malpractice and personal injury attorney in Ocala, FL

I was born December 4, 1958, in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Plantation, Florida. I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree, and I graduated from the University of Tennessee School of Law in 1987. I moved to Ocala after graduating from Law School, and my first job out of law school was as a prosecuting attorney for the State Attorney’s Office, where I prosecuted both misdemeanor and felony offenses.

After several years at the State Attorney’s Office, I began work as a medical prosecutor for what was then called the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, later changed to the Agency for Health Care Administration, and is now the Florida Department of Health. Medical prosecution was a fascinating experience.

Two notable cases I prosecuted were “the doctor who cut the wrong leg off” – a case involving a Tampa surgeon who accidently amputated the wrong leg on his patient – and a case involving a doctor who provided potassium chloride to a patient and was charged with first degree murder, for which he was acquitted. I handled almost every kind of license violation, including standard of care, over-prescribing, sexual misconduct, and medical records offenses.

Having worked for the agency sets me apart from others in my field. I was one of about eight medical prosecutors with the agency at the time, so I learned how to work with the experts, and I learned how the medical field works.

At the Rothenburg Law Firm, my colleagues and I take great pride in working with clients. We go the extra mile to ensure all clients understand the sometimes complicated legal process from beginning to end, and that there are no surprises. I encourage clients to call or stop by at any time. We gain personal satisfaction when clients are eager and want to know more.

As a medical malpractice attorney in Ocala, Florida, for 30 years, I’ve learned that no two cases are the same, and every case is different. Medical malpractice can include missed or late diagnosis, wrong diagnosis, prescription errors (such as the wrong medication, incorrect dosage or illegible prescriptions), birth injuries, surgical errors, childbirth errors, anesthesia errors, and, sadly, death. No matter the cause, we help you.

In addition to being a medical malpractice lawyer, I’m a personal injury attorney in Ocala, Florida. I represent clients who have been in car or truck crashes, or clients who have a loved one who suffered a wrongful death. I also represent clients who have been hurt in falls, have suffered injuries due to nursing home abuse and neglect, have suffered dog bites, or who have been victimized by defective products.

When I’m not working for clients, I’m enjoying my hobbies. I love to read, and I’m starting to learn how to scuba dive.

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